3.6. Directory Services


The application supports Microsoft Active Directory and Zimbra Collaboration Suite directory services. Application also can work without any integration.

  • Server and Port - DNS name or IP address with port of a directory services server
  • Protocol - the protocol used to communicate with a directory services server
  • Base DN - distinguished name of LDAP directory base
  • User name - distinguished name of user which will be used to query directory service
  • Password - password of the chosen principal

3.6.1. Test Connection


Check if specified credentials and server address is correctly set up.

3.6.2. Manage Schema

The application provides default schema configuration for Microsoft Active Directory and Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

When needed configuration could be modified.


3.6.3. Test Schema and Base DN


Provided base DN and default or custom schema could be tested. The application can list users and groups, when none of user or group is listed then base DN or schema is incorrectly set up.

Sample list of detected users: