How To Get Started

After milter installation

After successfull installation of milter, check if daemons are running.

Invoke command:

ps a | grep msh

If everything is OK you'll get result like this:

/usr/java/bin/java -jar /opt/msh-autoresponder/.jar/msh-ar-settings-service.jar /opt/msh-autoresponder/.jar /usr/java/bin/java -jar /opt/msh-autoresponder/.jar/msh-ar-milter.jar /opt/msh-autoresponder/.jar

This mean that two required daemons are running and we can now connect to server using MSH Autoresponder Administrator.

Make sure that your firewall is not blocking port 1098 and 1099, because these ports are used by admin application.

MSH Autoresponder Administrator

After installation of Administrator run it, you will see empty windows without connected servers.

Fig. Main application window after fresh installation.

Click Actions button, then choose Connect to menu and define MTA server where MSH Milter was installed.

If you want to test the application without real connection to MTA server, select USE AS TEST SERVER option. With this option application will simulate the connection to the real MTA server, in this state you can try and see how application looks like.

Fig. Add Server window.

After successfull connect to server you'll see predefined rules created with new installation. You can enable, add, edit or remove them.

Fig. Connected to server with not active predefined rules.