Application consists of three modules:


This module is heavy duty machinery for message processing. It integrates with MTA by mature and standarized Milter API. All operations on messages are done before MTA queue. MTA communicate with milter using 7070 TCP port and milter communicate with settings daemon using 1099 TCP port. Ports can be changed with config.cf file.

Milter daemon location /opt/msh-autoresponder/msh-ar-milter.


This service provide settings for milter and administrator application. Daemon uses default TCP ports (1099 and 1098) which can be changed with config.cf file.

Settings service location /opt/msh-autoresponder/msh-ar-settings-service.


It is a desktop application which can be run on Windows and Linux. It provides graphical user interface for managing settings on MTA server.

Administrator communicates with settings daemon.

Application configuration can be changed without administrator application. Settings are located in /etc/msh-autoresponder/settings.xml file. For manual configuration see specification of settings.xml file.