for Postfix and Sendmail

Auto Reply Rule Wizard

MSH Autoresponder is a Sendmail and Postfix milter that allows you to create server side auto responses on the basis of configurable criteria.

Application integrate with MTA (mail transport agent) through official and standarized Milter API.

With administrative desktop application (or xml configuration file) you will create and manage auto response rules, like common auto reply messages, vacation e-mails, marketing or support auto replies.


Compose Auto Reply Messages

You have control over auto reply subject, body content and additional custom headers. Subject and body content support LDAP variables so each auto reply message can be personalized based on an auto reply sender.

Advanced Time Scheduling

Use multiple options in which an auto reply rule will be active. With this functionality you can create rules which will send auto replies all the time, only on holidays, Christmas or specified hours.

Forward Message to Another Mailbox

Autoresponder rule can send forward to your assistant when you are out of office. Changing the subject of forward is very useful when you want to distinguish it from original message.

Protect Against Loops Between Servers

When other auto reply software not follow the standards there is a possibility to create a loop between servers. This is very dangerous situation when two servers non stop sends auto replies to each other. With this protection you will define how many times application will send auto replies in specific period of time (ie. in an hour) to the same recipient.

Set Permissions for Users to Access Application

Many options give you a possibility to set restrictions for users to view, edit, create or simply connect to the application. I.e. each department in your company can have account and restricted access to edit and see only own rules.

Integrate with LDAP Directory Service

Application can integrate with LDAP, so auto replies can be personalized with data from directory service.

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The application requirementsRequirements

For Server Module

Postfix 2.4+
Sendmail 8.12+

For Desktop Module

MS Windows

Runtime Environment

Java 8+
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Server Module

MSH Autoresponder Milter
msh-autoresponder-milter.bin (3.9 MB)
Download Now
don't forget to download desktop module

Desktop Module

MSH Autoresponder Administrator
msh-autoresponder-admin.bin (1.3 MB)
Download Now
MSH Autoresponder Administrator
MSH Autoresponder Setup.exe (1.6 MB)
Download Now


Release History

Demo mode

By default application works in demo mode - auto replies will be sent to max 10 users.

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MSH Autoresponder is licensed on a per server basis for Postfix and Sendmail. You need to purchase a license for each server that the product will be installed on.

License Type Qty. Price
Server $495
Prices are listed in American dollars and do not include applicable VAT.
Prices are subject to change.
Buy now
A license for this software is a one off license and is valid for the major version you purchase (i.e. 1.x) and all updates. The price of the program includes:

  • free software updates
  • email support

Applying Your License

After purchasing MSH Autoresponder, you will be sent a license key by email. Instructions on how to apply your license will be attached to that email, but also can be found here.

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Go to MSH Autoresponder documentation.

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If you have any questions or need support do not hesitate and write to

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