Postfix Mail Server Default Installation

Add executable bit to the installation script:

chmod +x msh-tp-milter.bin

Run as root the script with --install parameter:

./msh-tp-milter.bin --install


Installation script should automatically detect Postfix configuration. If you have multiple instances of MTA then Postfix configuration could be wrongly detected. You can force to use Postfix mail server, just run script with additional --use-postfix parameter.

Before installation could continue you need to confirm found Java path:

* Checking permissions...done.
* Java version found... openjdk version "1.8.0-internal"
* Path: /opt/java

  You need at least version 1.8.0 (JRE 8.0), does detected version meet requirements? [y/n] y

If Java path is correct hit y and press Enter key.

When installation succeed you will see output like this:

* Running installer...
* Extracting files...done.
* Linking init script files...done.
* Updating init scripts...done.
* Copying remove script...done.
* Copying diagnostic logging script...done.
* Updating Postfix configuration file...done.
* Starting msh-tp-settings...done.
* Starting msh-tp-milter...done.
* Reloading Postfix...done.
* Application successfully installed (version X.Y.Z) in /opt/msh-traffic-policy.

>> Using default TCP ports 1101 and 1102. Make sure that firewall is not blocking them.
>> Use MSH Disclaimer & Signatures Admin Panel for configuration.

>> For troubleshooting check http://mshsoftware.com/site/products/msh-tp/docs/troubleshooting.html
>> or write to contact@mshsoftware.com

Now you can start configure the application with Administrator Panel. Custom Installation

If you have customized environment (e.g. you have Postfix in not default directory), you can use below parameters to change default installation:

- -skip-milter-install

Automatic configuration of milter will be skipped. Configuration can be done manually later.

- -mta-dir

Can be used only with --use-postfix parameter, will specify directory where MTA is installed, when not set default MTA directory is /etc/postfix.

- -install-dir

Application install directory, only parent path is needed, e.g., /usr/local, when not set default is /opt.

- -manual

Manual installation, script will extract all needed files to current directory.