6.3. Time SchedulerΒΆ


In the Time Scheduler tab you can define when the autoreply is sent. This is used to set up e.g. out of office reply during weekends, national holidays and other times off when there is no employee to answer the email, however the company would like to assure the message’s sender that someone will reply as soon as possible.

You can select between three available options:

  • Continous - autoresponder is sent without any time limitations
  • Date range - select a specific start and end dates when the reply is sent automatically. You can also set hourly timeframes for each day from that range.
  • Custom - here you can define multiple custom date and time frames for the program. The option allows to set up recurring patterns, such as weekends, national holidays, Christmas etc. You can provide a name for each custom time frame to easily identify it on the list.