MSH Traffic Policy 1.9.35
for Zimbra and Postfix


MSH Traffic Policy for Postfix and Zimbra is sophisticated email management system that allows to set server sided rules for automatic content control and flow administration.

Application works as external standalone mail filtering plugin which integrate with MTA through official and standardized Milter API. Integration is done before mail is queued, so it can be used to filter spam and manipulate message before it hits your mail server.

Desktop application is flexible and powerful tool which gives many advantages for administrator comparing to manual scripts editing. It can run on Windows and Linux desktop.

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Block, Reject or Silently Accept Message

Blocking messages and many other actions can be executed based on message properties (like subject, sender etc.) and mail server environment values.

Attachments Control

Add, remove, compress, save to disk and strip unwanted attachments. Save them to the disk and add information to message

Message and Envelope Recipients Manipulation

Add, remove, modify sender and recipients of the message or even move all recipients to BCC field. Remove recipients from TO, CC and BCC fields.

Messages Counting

Count messages based on sender and recipients, this will give limit capabilities for specified users in defined time period.

Run Scripts and Executable's

Provide to them any message value (subject, sender, recipients etc). You can invoke external scripts which will do statistics

Send New Messages

Send a new message with attachments in Html and Text format

Forward Messages

Forward original messages to specific mailbox, use conditions and exceptions to filter which messages to forward



MSH Traffic Policy is licensed on a per server basis for Postfix. You need to purchase a license for each server that the product will be installed on.

Prices are shown in USD and do not include VAT.
End-User License Agreement
server(s) $695
You can also test the application for free for 30-days without any limitations, just drop us a line to and we'll as soon as possible send you a trial license key.

The license covers a major release version of the software you purchase (i.e. 1.x) and all updates within the same iteration of the program (e.g. 1.1, 1.2 etc.). The price of the program includes:

Applying Your License

After purchasing MSH Traffic Policy license, the license activation key is sent by email with instructions on how to apply it.


Click the following link to open MSH Traffic Policy documentation.

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us on

Download version 1.9.35

Server Module
Linux icon Linux msh-tp-milter.bin
size: 5 MB
Desktop Module (choose one which you prefer)
Linux icon Linux msh-tp-admin.bin
size: 3 MB
Windows icon Windows MSHTrafficPolicySetup.exe
size: 3 MB
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Demo Mode

After installation application will be working in demo mode. Each e-mail message (which was processed by the application) subject will be shuffled.

Existing rules aren't active, so application will not modify any message.

Release History

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