How to forward email message to another mailbox

By using a rule, any received email message that match conditions specified in the rule ca be forwarded to another email account. For example, all email messages from a sender or with a subject that specify can be forwarded.

Automatically redirect email messages with Postfix, Sendmail and Zimbra.

Suppose that Bob is working with an assistant on a project. For each email Bob receives about the project, he can use a rule to forward those messages to his assistant. Using message forwarding assures that Bob’s assistant receives all of the project messages automatically.

  • Click button Add Rule in the Administrator Panel.
  • On the Conditions tab, click button Add and choose Message Recipient.
  • In the email address, enter
  • Click button OK.
  • On the Actions tab, click button Add and choose Forward Message.
  • Enter destination email address
  • Define email Subject line, FWD: ${message:subject}
  • Click button OK.
  • Close rule wizard and save changes.

To learn more visit MSH Traffic Policy website.

Łukasz is a software developer and owner of MSH Software company which builds email processing tools for Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra Collaboration Suite and Postfix. He specializes in server, desktop and web applications written in Java, .NET and C++.