Disclaimer duplicates

Use the duplicates protector when you want to skip adding another signature into message. Multiple disclaimers can occur when message was replied many times between sender and recipient. Without protector, each time when message will go through mail server, disclaimer will be appended.

Disclaimer already inserted into message can be garbled when users reply to the same message many times. Search sensitivity slider will help to specify how many characters can be omitted from appended disclaimer.

Disclaimer duplicates

If value of sensitivity is higher then searching for disclaimer is more tight. Highest value will look for disclaimer exactly the same like composed one. Any word, punctuation mark or a new line cannot be missing or cannot be added inside already inserted disclaimer. If disclaimer will be reformatted by replaying message, searching algorithm will not find it.

Application features

  • Html and Text disclaimers.
  • No disclaimer duplicates.
  • Built-in compose editor.
  • Easy to use rule wizard.
  • Variety of conditions and exceptions.
  • Easy to install and configure.

To learn more visit MSH Disclaimer & Signatures website.

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