Happy Easter (while out of the office)!

Holidays are coming and Easter is just around the corner. Finally, we’ll get a bit of relief from our daily tasks, yay!

A couple of days off can do miracles to your productivity. Then, after holidays are off, you come back to work, all charged up , open your email and one of the first messages is “WHY YOU’RE NOT ANSWERING MY EMAILS!”. In an instant all your positive energy is gone, you feel tired again, and you already have to deal with a problem, which is additionally overdue.

Remember, not all people in the world spend Easter at home. Be kind - inform them that you are not in the office by setting up a simple auto-response.

And if you are a system admin you can plan ahead and set that OOF for your users centrally with MSH Exchange Autoresponder. Not only you can cover selected users (or even group of users) with an automated response, you can also schedule, when the should fire up and be active.

You can even build a nice HTML powered message with graphics, like this Giant Pink Rabbit On the Mountain, that will cheer your clients up and ease their pain of waiting for you to be back.

Once you are sure that you are safe and covered - take off that tie, have some chocolate egg and get some R&R

All the best and Happy Easter!

To learn more visit MSH Exchange Autoresponder website.

Łukasz is a software developer and owner of MSH Software company which builds email processing tools for Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra Collaboration Suite and Postfix. He specializes in server, desktop and web applications written in Java, .NET and C++.