6.2. LDAP cache configuration

Application while processing messages doesn’t lookup LDAP directory service in real time, it uses internal cache. After fresh installation cache should be filled with data and then reindexed periodically.

6.2.1. Build LDAP cache

To refresh LDAP cache run command:


Application will start and run in the background, detailed information about the process could be found in the application log file:


Depending on the size of the LDAP the process could take up to several minutes.


Log file will create only if Diagnostic Logging is enabled.

6.2.2. Refresh LDAP cache on schedule

LDAP cache to contain latest values should be refreshed periodically, the best way is to setup a cron job to do this.

For example if you would like to rebuild cache every day, you need to create a symbolic link in cron.daily directory (run with root privileges):

ln -s /opt/msh-ds/bin/rebuild-ldap-cache.sh /etc/cron.daily/rebuild-ldap-cache.sh