1. Getting Started

MSH Traffic Policy for Postfix and Sendmail is sophisticated email management system that allows to set server sided rules for automatic content control and flow administration.

This software is for you when you want to:

  • take control over you mail flow
  • block messages marked as spam
  • check messages for sensitive content (credit cards numbers etc.)
  • limit number of recipients, attachments, message size, number of sent messages
  • manage attachments (add, remove, strip, compress)
  • modify message headers, sender and recipients
  • sent new and forwarded messages
  • create auto replies based on simple or complex conditions

1.1. How It Works

The application consist of two parts:

  • Server module - milter
  • Administrator Panel - desktop application

Server module is a milter application which extends mail server functionality. It must be installed on your mail server (MTA - mail transport agent).

Administrator Panel is an application which is used for remote configuration of the milter. It could be installed on any Windows or Linux desktop PC.

After installation and basic configuration IT administrator can connect with desktop application to the mail server. He will be able to create rules define conditions and exceptions.

When a message will go through the mail server the milter application will scan it and check if defined conditions are met. If yes, then it will do the action on the message.

1.2. Rules

Application is based on rules. You can define as many rules as you want. Each rule, for example, can check if messages are from specific senders and based on this strip attachments.