2.2.4. After upgrade - from 1.7, 1.8 to 1.9 or later

Due to changes in LDAP caching mechanism and support for aliases you need to do additional steps to fully upgrade to version 1.9.x or later.


If you will not follow below steps signatures and disclaimers will not be added at all.

After you update desktop and server module remove whole LDAP cache, on the mail server invoke command (with root privileges):

rm -f /opt/msh-ds/var/ldap/*

Next, open desktop application, connect to the mail server and select Tools > LDAP Directory Service page. Click Manage button in Schema section, Schema Attributes editor will open, click Restore defaults button.


If you have custom schema attributes clicking Restore defaults button will overwrite them. In this situation just add new schema attribute entry, with MailAlias name and zimbraMailAlias value.


If needed confirm restoring defaults and then click OK button to close Schema Attributes window.

Click Save All button to persist changes.


Now you need to go back to the mail server and rebuild LDAP cache with below command (with root privileges):



See more information about rebuilding LDAP cache.